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Concordia Defense

Rifle 1 Feb 3, 2024

Rifle 1 Feb 3, 2024

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Rifle I is designed as an introductory course for those new to their weapon or looking to brush up on fundamentals. The objective is for students to become familiar with basic handling and operations of the M4 platform and preparing students for Rifle II and so forth. 

-Safety Overview

-Operational parts familiarization 

-Optic/Iron familiarization 


-Fundamentals of marksmanship

-Grip & stance overview

-Recoil management 


-Intro into malfunctions

Equipment list: 

Carbine/Rifle with iron sights and/or optic.

Minimum of two detachable 30 round magazine.

200 rounds.

Ear and eye protection (electronic ear protection preferred).

Rifle Sling ( 2 point preferred )

*recomended but not mandatory - belt with fast mag type magazine holster and dump pouch .

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