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Concordia Defense

Cherub Humanoid

Cherub Humanoid

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-Drop Shoulder

-Mineral Wash

Our latest design:
the cherub humanoid, you may have been wondering why our cherub logo has horns? We took contemporary design imagery of good and evil by representing the good with our cherub and evil with the devil horns. But why mix them? Studies have recently shown that those in law enforcement, military, or anyone really, who is
regularly exposed to traumatic experiences undergo changes in the brain at the chemical level. You’ve heard the saying, “can’t go into the swamp without getting a little mud on you”.

Our law enforcement, soldiers, those that work in the defense
industry, even some every day citizens experience trauma day in and day out. Good people who have to dip into the shadows of humanity to keep the peace.
Our cherub represents those who step into the darker side of things for the overall good, the horns are the inevitable evil and trauma that becomes a part of you. BUT you’ll also notice the broken horn, this means the negative effects from the darker side of humanity will never win. It’s a battle every one of us may face. We may encounter darkness but it won’t overtake us.

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