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Concordia Defense

Mid Range Rifle: June 1-2 El Paso, TX

Mid Range Rifle: June 1-2 El Paso, TX

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Location: El Paso, TX

Date: June 1-2

Mid-Range Rifle is two day course in which students will learn scope mounting, hold overs , positional shooting, spotting, range estimation, and wind calls.

Day 1

Upon arrival students will partake in a short classroom lecture in which instructors will cover some of the following:

  • Ballistics
  • Reticles (MOA/MRAD/BDC)
  • Range estimation
  • Wind Calls
  • Holdovers
  • Positional shooting & more

Upon finishing the classroom portion students will make their way to the rifle range to zero their rifles and gather data up to 500yds.

 Day 2

Students will apply materials learned and data collected from the previous day at targets placed between 50-700yds. Various courses of fire will also be set up along the mountain that will require students to engage multiple targets at varying distances under time and stress.

Equipment List:

  • Carbine/Rifle.
  • LPVO or Rifle scope. (Mil reticle recommended)
  • Ear & eye protection.
  • Two-point sling.
  • Minimum of four (4) detachable 30 round rifle magazines.
  • 400 rounds rifle ammunition (77gr. or similar match grade ammunition is preferred).
  • Belt or chest rig with rifle magazine pouches.
  • Daypack. We will use this as a shooting platform.
  • PLENTY OF WATER and a small lunch (this is particularly important for day 2 as we will be hiking and shooting from a mountain top)
  • Outdoor clothes, hat, and hiking shoes/boots with a thick sole. We will be in a desert mountain terrain so expect cactus and loose rocks during the hike--please come prepared to deal with the elements and unexpected weather.

Recommended Equipment (not mandatory):
spotting scope
suppressor covers
rear bags
20-round magazine(s)

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